Biriyani movie review

Biriyani movie review


Movie title :- Biriyani
Banner :- Studio Green
Release date :- 20.12.2013
Censor rating :- U/A
Movie duration :- 147min.
Cast :- Karthi, Hansika Motwani, Ramki, Premgi Amaren, Nassar, Mandy Takhar.
Directed by :- Venkat Prabhu
Music :-Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography by :- Sakthi Saravanan
Producer :- K.E.Gnanavel Raja
Screen Watched :- Cinemax Inorbit Mall (10.20 AM) show.

Story :- The movie starts with a chasing scene in which hero Karthi and his friend Premji Amaren were chased by police and hero’s friend tell us the flashback about how they have landed in such a situation. Parasuram (Premji Amaren)  and Sudheer (Karthi) were childhood friends and Sudheer is a flu-rt and easy going guy. Priya (Hansika) is his girlfriend. Sudheer along with Parasuram goes to Rajahmundry for the opening of the new branch of the showroom in which he is working. Varadarajulu (Nassar) , is a famous businessman and CBI is after him due to his involvement in a scam. Varadarajulu inaugurates the new branch in Rajahmundry and was impressed with Sudheer during their acquaintance. After inauguration that night Sudheer and Parasuram go in search of ‘Biriyani’ and meets Maya (Mandy Takhar). Maya invites them to spend some time with her and they go to her room and they drink more and fell down and in the morning when they wake up police were after them for the kidnap of  Varadarajulu. Who trapped them in this ? and How did they come out of this trouble ? is the rest of the movie with many twists and turns, that should be watched on the silver screen.

Performances :- Karthi has performed well in both comic as well as emotional scenes and Hansika was looking beautiful. Premji Amaren has performed well in the comic role. Ramki and Nassar  done justice to their roles.

Technicalities :- Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is good and the beats are good. Screenplay is good and cinematography is appealing and good.

Review :– The movie is a romantic, comedy , thriller and the director maintained the suspense till the end in an interesting way. Comic scenes between Premji Amaren and Karthi are good.

Rating :- 3/5

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